Registration for ADVAC 2019 will be possible until 15 November 2018


This advanced course is for scientists and decision-makers involved in vaccine development, in the elaboration of new vaccination strategies or in policy decisions related to the introduction of new vaccines in public health programmes, at national or international levels. It is relevant for both the public and private sectors.

How to apply? Instructions

The steps below describe the application process:

  1. REGISTER ON THE WEBSITE to access the Application Form. You will receive a confirmation email with a web address to click in order to activate your account. In case of problems, copy this web address, paste it in your browser web address box and open the webpage. If you do not receive the confirmation email immediately, you should check your spam/junk box or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  2.  ONCE YOUR WEBSITE ACCOUNT is activated (by email), LOGIN to the site using your User Name and Password and complete the application.

    You may leave and come back as many times as you need before final submission.
    Should you wish to paste a text prepared in Word (preferably ARIAL font), copy it, then paste it in the relevant box using touch Ctrl-V.
    In case of pasting problems (format, characters), you may first paste your text in NOTEPAD then copy it again (with CTRL-C) and paste it in the Application box (Ctrl-V) .
    Tables should be completed directly online.

    Be aware that many applications are received and that only the best ones will be selected


Important recommendations

1. Experience in Vaccinology:

Please indicate, with details, your most important vaccinology-related past experience and present activities. Give details on your present or future responsibilities with particular emphasis on what relates to vaccines or vaccination strategies. This information will be essential during the selection process. (Maximum 1 A4 page)

2. Motivation:
How do you think this course may impact on your career, on your institution/company or on vaccination strategies at national or regional levels?
Indicate why you want to follow this course.  Give details on your motivation(s).  This information will also be essential during the selection process. (Maximum half A4 page)

3. Publications:

Limit to a maximum of FIVE important publications with authors, title and complete reference.

4. Letters of recommendation:
This is essential !! Please add two signed and dated letters of recommendation, one from a higher authority in your Institute/Administration/Company and another from a knowledgeable outside expert. This second letter can help the selection committee. These letters should (i) confirm that your participation is encouraged by your own institution/goverment/company (ii) give details on your present and expected future responsibilities.
People recommending more than one applicant should be aware that we will usually select only one applicant per institution. Letters should be written on a separate headed paper of the institution.

You should scan the letters and attach them as pdf files to the application as requested at time of submission.
(Select it on your computer with BROWSE then attach it to the file with UPLOAD).

  1. Once your application has been completed and checked, you will be able to submit it.
  2. In case of particular difficulties, send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. his e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for  help.
  3. Your application will then be reviewed by our staff who will ensure that it is properly completed.
  4. You will be notified by email before 8 February 2019 on the outcome of your application.