Hanna Nohynek THL

Faculty and Scientific Committee member

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

Helsinki - Finland

Hanna M. Nohynek. Chief Physician, Unit Infectious Diseases Control and Vaccines, Department Health Security, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland. She completed her medical studies, PhD and international health and travel health competence in Helsinki. She is former (serves as) secretary and present member of the Finnish NITAG, (47) and lead of the Strategic development of covid-19 and influenza vaccination programmes. She was instrumental in designing the HPV vaccine introduction to the Finnish NIP.

Her research interests are register based vaccine impact studies, evidence-based policy/decision making, vaccine safety, hesitancy, respiratory infections (covid-19, RSV, influenza, and pneumococcus). She led communications development in IMI DRIVE (www.drive-eu.org , brand-specific influenza vaccine effectiveness) and is WP and task lead in IMI PROMISE (imi.promise-eu , RSV prevention). She has authored >180 original articles (incl first scientific report on association between pandemic influenza vaccination vs narcolepsy), and teaches, guides elective, graduate, and PhD students. She has served expert committees evaluating HBV, PCV, rota virus and covid-19 vaccines in Finland, and as advisor to EU, IMI, IVI, iccdr,b, WHO, GAVI, SIDA/SRC, Finnish MOFA. She was the Chairman of the WHO SAGE external evaluation (EAGSE), Chairman EPIET 1998-2001, EDCTP 2002-3.

She presently is chair of WHO SAGE, formerly chair of SAGE working group on covid-19 vaccines, member of WHO SAGE subgroup influenza vaccines, a member of GAVI Programme and Policy Committee, a member of the ECDC NITAG coordinating committee, and Advisory Board of the ECDC & EMA Vaccine Monitoring Platform, and Vice chair and Board Member International Vaccine Institute, and also board member of the icddr,b. She belongs to the Faculty of ADVAC since its initiation 2000-, initiated EPIET vaccine module 1997, and Finnish Diploma Course Global Health 2000. She practices clinical medicine at the travel health clinic Aava, Helsinki.

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